Why Tea Lifestyle? [EN]

It’s not all about the health benefits or taste of the tea that initially attracted me to begin with. It was the “Moment” of enjoying the tea that had me fell in love with it, I would like to term this enjoyment as the “Tea lifestyle”.
That “Moment” includes selecting tea, preparing tea, tasting tea, keeping and appreciating tea utensils, etc. and that “Moment” could be just you or with other people. I especially love sharing it people I meet.
Tea gathers people together, needless to say, it is one of the most effective heart openers. Actually the tea itself has nothing to do to people in a sense, but it became an excuse to meet and socialize.

By organizing tea tasting sessions, I found my 3 rd social circle apart from my family, friends, and colleagues. It is where I can express my passion and share the experience with like-minded people without fear of boring them.  

I don’t think that I am the leader of the group but more like another learner who is a little bit more serious. I learn and improve myself a lot as a person, from writing to speaking effortlessly in front of several people from many different professional backgrounds about what I like. I was one of those students who almost had a heart-attack before every solo presentation. Nowadays I still am, but it is not out of fear, it is more from cheer passion and excitement. I have found my circle and myself.  

I found that tea really brings clarity of mind and is, therefore, having a positive impact on my physical and mental health. For a very long time, Tea was first discovered for its medicinal properties followed by social gathering and ceremony, where many schools of thought and zen philosophy flourished.

I read about the concept of “Ichi go Ichi e” but had never really got to it up till recently as well as being the life-long learning student. These 2 things help me feel at ease about life in general as well as coping with anxiety in this busy busy world.  

Hatsugama Chakai : Full tea ceremony at Mr.John Toomey house

  Not to mention that my food choice and drink choice now contain fewer seasonings, I feel less crave for sugary drinks which I have Tea to thank for. And lastly, the caffeine in tea helps me be active throughout the day without a crash, it really clears clouds in my head (when used in proper amount)

And lastly, it is that “The Experience” that can be the art appreciation on tea wares, the esthetics, the tastes, the gastronomical aspects, the travels, the history and the tea people that became the magnet to me.  

So all in all the Tea Lifestyle could be the way of living that revolves around constant learning, positive vibes, conscious consumer, peaceful mind, and of course Tea!  

Photo courtesy from Hojo tea.

I think that these cultural values and plus all I wrote above, can help bring a group of people to get in touch with themselves,  find the 3rd social circle that they can have a portion of their time dedicated to what they enjoy, it may not be tea but I am very glad if you just turn in for tea to get some energy to continue with your life mission.  

And I think this has become my mission, to expand the tea community of conscious consumers and fuel the positive change maker.  

— Danittha Lim, Chajin

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